Zankas Uryter

Captain of the Dragonborn Elite


Race: Dragonborn
Age: 29
Class: Fighter

Zankas leads a group of Dragonborn mercenaries, currently under the employ of Ernest Padraig. The Dragonborn Elite have kept to a fighter’s code that has earned them respect in the Nentir Vale. Recently, they have escorted diplomatic envoys to and from Fallcrest, and there have been rumors that Zankas has been making similar trips with a small band of trusted lieutenants to Hammerfast, Lake Nen, and to various barbarian tribes residing in the Cairngorn Peaks.

Relationships: The PCs first encountered Zankas when returning to Fallcrest after slaying Syzarrax. He had a cordial interaction with Draxon, showing him the upmost respect and his party resurrected Cyan at no charge. He has a standing offer for Draxon to join the Dragonborn elite, if ever he wishes.


Zankas Uryter

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